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JTH Financial, LLC is pleased to announce that the following have agreed to cash checks for our RT clients.

A Check Cashing Authorization Letter or Good Funds Letter may be required to cash the RT or Advance checks, please check with your tax preparation office if you plan to use SunTrust for your check cashing needs. If you should require a Good Funds Letter, please contact us directly.

Woodforest National Bank

  • Check Cashing Fee:
    • No CHARGE for existing customers or customers that open a new checking account.
    • 1% of refund check or $5.00 (whichever is greater) for Non-Customers.
  • Company Website - Click Here

  • Check Cashing Limit: No Limit on Tax Refund Checks
  • Check Cashing Fee: No Fee (For Republic Bank and Trust Checks Only)
  • Location Finder - Click Here

  • Check Cashing Limit: $9,000.00
  • Check Cashing Fee: $10.00
  • Location Finder - Click Here
  • Account Holders - Please Note: Checks greater than $9,000.00 must be deposited into your account to receive funds. You must use a teller to deposit the check. If the check is deposited via ATM, Wells Fargo will place a hold on the account and funds will not be available to the customer until Wells Fargo releases the funds.

  • Check Cashing Limit: $7,500
  • Check Cashing Fee: $6.00 (Checks greater than $1,000.00)
  • Check Cashing Fee: $3.00 (Checks less than $1,000.00)
  • Location Finder - Click Here
  • Please Note: Check Limits: Connecticut - $2500 / Florida - $1,999.99 / Louisiana - $999.99 / Restrictions: Check Cashing not Available in: NJ, NY and RI

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